The Best Zoeva Eyeshadow Palette!

Zoeva Eyeshadow PaletteBrace yourself, I’m just about to make a very bold statement. I think I have found my favourite eyeshadow palette ever! It’s surprise to me (especially after my love affair with the original Naked palette) but hear me out.

The Zoeva Cocoa Blend Palette is everything I could ever want for my eyeshadow sweeping needs. It has some great neutrals, a couple of mattes and there’s also some really dark intense colours for when you want to get a full on smoky eye look going on.

Zoeva Eyeshadow Palette

Zoeva Eyeshadow Palette

Zoeva Eyeshadow Palette

I find that so many eyeshadow palettes try to cater for just one look such as a neutral eye but sometimes they’re all a much of a muchness. The shadows are so similar that you could probably roll them into just a handful and the number of looks you can create is very limited. This Zoeva palette, on the other hand, is so versatile you can go from a natural wash of colour for daytime to a vamped up night time look (and not just a brown smoky eye either).

What I like about this palette the most is the quality of the shadows. Whether they’re matte or shimmery, the pigment is unreal and the colours come out really intense and exactly how they look in the palette which makes the formula a winner in my eyes (there’s some more unusual colours in this set too which I adore).

Let me talk you through a couple of my favourite combos.

When I fancy a really warm toned look that makes my eyes pop, I sweep the matte orangey/beige ‘Substitute For Love’ (2nd on the bottom) all over then some of ‘Freshly Toasted’ (3rd on the bottom), which is a matte terracotta, in the crease for definition.

Another fave look at the minute is created by just using the super shiny ‘Pure Ganache’ (1st on the bottom) all over the lid and then a little of the matte black ‘Beans Are White’ pushed into my top lash line.

I could blab about this palette all day long but, for me, a sign of a great palette is when you don’t have to use anything else and can achieve a variety of different looks for all any occasion.

I will definitely have to do a week of makeup looks using this palette alone, what do you think?


    • January 29, 2016 / 1:45 pm

      I did too!! It’s definately worth it, I have my eye on another one now 😉

    • January 30, 2016 / 9:21 am

      I love warm toned eyeshadows. Agreed, so good for the price! Won’t feel as guilty when I buy my next one 😉 x

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