Top 3 Budget Highlighters

cheap highlightersHighlighters really seem to be having a moment right now, everywhere you turn there’s strobing, luminous completions and glowing cheek bones. I’ve always loved a good old highlighter but generally speaking there’s not many budget highlighters that are not downright glittery. After having a good hunt around, here are 3 highlighters that are definitely worth a try.

First up in my collection is the Sleek Barekissed Illuminator in ‘Monaco’ which is great for giving your complexion a glow that makes you look super radiant. You can use it as a primer underneath your foundation or concentrate it on the cheekbones to give a more defined highlight. What I really like about this one is the liquid formula and although it’s the most subtle out of the 3 it blends beautifully and can be built up for a desired amount of glow.

If it’s precision and an overall sheen you are after then the Collection Speedy Highlighter in ‘Pearl Sheen’ is one to test out. This chunky stick is compact, glides on easily and is small enough to pop in your bag if you fancy a top up throughout the day. The product is not overly creamy so its mess free and with a little bit of blending with your finger you’re good to go. The fact it’s in stick form makes it easy to highlight cheekbones, bow bones and down the bridge of your nose.

For an intense highlight that packs a punch you need to get your hands on the Sleek Highlighting Palette. There’s 4 highlights in here, 2 powders for a classic powdery highlight and 2 creams that give an almost wet look sheen to the skin. This one is very noticeable on the skin and has a shimmer to it that makes it perfect for night time. Subtle it is not!

I hope that’s given you a quick round up of some good drug store highlighters to try, let me know if you’ve found a great one that I add to my stash.

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