Top 4 Hangover Hiding Makeup Products

Brightening Glowy Makeup

Brightening Glowy MakeupWhen I’m looking less than perfect through lack of sleep or way too many cocktails *hands up* I always have some secret weapons in my beauty stash to help give my appearance a little more life. When my skin is dehydrated and a bit worse for wear it tends to look dull, grey and loses it’s natural brightness. Here are my 4 top products that I always reach for if I’m having a ‘meh’ day (pretty much every morning then, right?)
First up you’ve got to add some brightness back into the situation. You know what they say, fake it ’till you make it so I use this L’Oreal Lumi Magique Primer to add some much needed luminosity and hide the fact that I spent my Sunday afternoon indulging in too many shots of tequila (yeah, that happened). This smoothing primer is silky soft and acts as a great base for your makeup. Anything else you layer on top of it just looks that little bit perkier.

Concealer hides a whole multitude of sins and this Rimmel Match Perfection one is no exception. I have the shade Ivory and I would say it’s a medium coverage but the multipurpose-ness of this particular one makes it a great all-rounder. The texture is creamy without being too greasy and masks those tell tail dark circles easily. Because it’s not shiny, it’s great for covering those surprise spots, you know, the ones that magically appear overnight.

A short cut to fresh, I’ve-had-10-hours-sleep eyes is a nude eyeliner. This Rimmel Scandal Eyes Waterproof Kohl Liner is creamy enough so you don’t have to prod you’re eyes too much and make the situation worse, yet it’s hardy enough to last for a decent amount of time – most certainly after the third coffee kicks in. A nude liner isn’t as obvious as a white one but still gives your peepers a brightness and camouflages the redness in the waterline.

My last product is not strictly one I use to hide my lack of sleep, as I use it every day, but I know that this Maybelline Color Tattoo Creamy Matte Eyeshadow in Crème De Rose works wonders on veiny or dark looking eyelids. The smooth consistency applies to the eyelid so effortlessly and covers up the evidence of a rough night. It’s an amazing dupe for the MAC Paint Pots and gives the perfect base for any eyeshadow. My eye makeup lasts all day without fail; this little pot of goodness really lives up to the tattoo name!

So that’s it for my little round up of face fixers. Do you have any favourite products that give you a little oomph when you’re feeling a little grey?


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