The Dior Forever Foundation – The Review

High end foundation reviewImage of luxury Dior foundationI found myself in the market for a new foundation recently and after using up the dregs of my L’oreal True Match foundation (a great affordable foundation, by the way) I decided to take the plunge and splurge on a high end foundation, after all I stick it on my face every day so why not?!

After a bit of googling and a hand covered in swatches from the likes of , Armani and Estée Lauder, I finally settled on the Dior Diorskin Forever Foundation and I’ll tell you why.

I was looking for a base I could use everyday that was lightweight, easy to apply, has a good helping of spf (for the record, this one is 35) and sticks by me throughout a long day at the office. I’d heard a lot about this foundation on You Tube and my favourite blogs and my ears pricked up when I heard it looks like ‘your skin but better’ because it meshes with your skin beautifully – and it really does.

I blob a couple of pumps all over my face then blend in with a damp real techniques beauty sponge. The finish is matte but not dry or powdery looking. The shine control formula does a great job of keeping my t-zone in check and it has some kind of witch craft properties that help to minimise pores and even everything out. Even if you get up close and personal to your reflection (even in one of those scary looking x4 mirrors) you can’t see the product sitting on your face at all, it looks just like, well, skin!

What I really like though is the wear time. The seamless, radiant finish lasts all day and even when my blusher is long gone this base stays put and helps hide a tired face. I’d say that it’s a medium coverage and just perfects the skins colour without losing all dimensions of your face. It’s worth a mention that the lady at the Dior counter was really helpful and used their colour matching gadget to find the perfect shade for me. In my case, it’s Ivory.

Overall, I am in love with my new base and I certainly think it’s worth spending a few extra pennies on something that you can use everyday and rely upon to make you look your best. It makes me feel kind of special at 6am on a dull morning when I’m applying my fancy foundation; the frosted class bottle, the monogrammed lid all add to the excitement of my daily makeup routine.

I’m definitely on the high end foundation bandwagon now, what other products would you recommend spending a little extra on?

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  1. nilooorac
    August 27, 2016 / 9:24 pm

    This seems to be a really good foundation! Love the review 🙂

    What about following each other?

    Caro x

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