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When I’ve had a bad day at work I always appreciate a little pick me up. Now this sometimes comes in food form (you can’t beat a bit of chocolate when you want to eat your feelings) but more often than not I get myself to boots and get a new nail varnish. Now, by looking at my nail varnish collection I have had quite a few stressful days, my stash is now bulging!

I recently had a good ol’ clear out but there’s still a billion in there. I thought I would give you a little rundown of my favourites from cheapie drug store pick-ups to the ‘I’ve had a nightmare week’ splurges.

Barry M always have a great line up of colours and new novelty ranges that always look so pretty on the stands but as we all know their staying power isn’t the best. Updating a party outfit, yes. Lasting more than 24 hours, no. One brand I love mainly for their on trend colour collections is Topshop. They’re not too pricey and the colours always look gorgeous; the staying power isn’t bad too, win!

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The cream of the crop for me is Leighton Denny, ever since my mum introduced me to them (yes, she’s a beauty junky too) I have been obsessed. The colours are not as wide ranging as some other brands but believe me there’s plenty to choose from. They’re a middle of the road 11 pound-er but they’re staying power is fab and there’s very minimal chippage after a week. I love the whole range but the whole story is best saved for another day…

Do you have an absolute fave brand that I have to add to the bulging collection?