New Years ResolutionsMotivationInspirationHow to Stick to GoalsThere’s no escaping it, we’ve entered a shiney new year and there are resolutions being made everywhere. I’ve waited a while to post this and get over the initial stage of new year inspiration and give a little push to those who are starting to lag.

We all want to be that little bit better at life so we set ourselves some goals to aim for and prepare to turn over a new leaf. I’ve always been a bit rubbish at keeping resolutions in the past but I am more motivated than ever to stick to them this time (which i suppose is a resolution in itself!). Here are my 5 New Year’s Resolutions and how I intend to keep them.

1. Get fit

This doesn’t just mean lose weight (although losing a few pounds would be nice), it means becoming stronger, leaner and generally fitter. I want to get through a whole Body Attack class and not miss a single beat and I want to be able to enjoy myself fully when I eat a load of jam cream biscuits (my weakness) knowing that I’m good 80% of the time. Not only is eating better and exercising good for your body, but it’s amazing for your mind too – a great stress buster!

2. Read 1 book a month

I’ve not been reading much in the last few years. There’s been some magazines and the odd couple of books when I’m on holiday but, apart from that, there’s not been much reading. I want to put my phone away before bed and read more to help me unwind after a long day staring at the computer screen. So far so good with this one, I’ve nearly finished my first book of the year! (Girl on the Train, FYI)

3. Save some money

This is always on my agenda but never really seems to happen. Each month something seems to crop up; car repairs, new passport, new furniture – there’s always something. This year though, I’m going to set up a direct debit of £100 to come straight out when I get paid so I don’t even really see it to spend. This will definitely be the hardest goal to crack and most certainly banks on the next resolution coming to fruition…

4. Get a pay rise

I’ve worked solidly since my first paper round at 13 and I think it’s about time I got a little more comfortable and not have to watch every single penny that comes in and out of my  bank account. I have made it my mission to work insanely hard this year and get noticed. Sometimes you just have to ask for a promotion if you’re think you’re worth it and now I feel I have enough experience and hard work behind me to get to the next level – wish me luck!

5. Be happier

This is very vague and doesn’t really follow the rules below but I wanted to throw it in because it’s an important one. I’ve got to the stage when I don’t really care what people think about me anymore, which definitely makes you happier, and this year I want to say yes to more things and just generally live life a little more. Let my hair down, spend time with people I love and just make lots of memories.


So how do I intend to keep them?

Make them realistic

I’m a bit of a dreamer, so whatever I think I can achieve I shave a little bit off which instantly makes it more realistic. The more unattainable the goals are, the more likely you are to not reach them and then feel bad about yourself

Set yourself some mini goals

A year is a long time to work on one goal so give yourself little milestones along the way and reward yourself for each one. For example each month where I go to the gym consistently, when I say I’m going to (four times a week mostly), I’ll treat myself to a new gym outfit which, hopefully (fingers crossed), will inspire me to carry on with the routine.

Tell someone about them

Make yourself accountable and tell your friends or write a whole blog (see what I did there) about your resolutions so they’re not just in your own head. This will make sure you’re held accountable for when you feel like giving up and hopefully the shame of quitting will deter you from throwing in the towel.

Have them where you can see them

Make a list and print it off, it’s as easy as that! Make it all fancy, stick post-it notes around your house or make a screensaver for your phone or computer. Whatever works best for you, keep your resolutions in plain sight.


So that’s it. I hope I get to this time last year, look at this post and think “Yeahhhhhhh, I did it!”
What are your resolutions and how are you getting on with them so far?