Creativity Tips

If you work in a creative environment you will know that sometimes it’s hard to keep coming up with fresh ideas and different ways of doing things. Whether you are a designer, photographer, writer or whatever else, there are some days when you just cannot think of anything creative no matter how you try. There are a few things I like to do when I’m feeling uninspired and scraping the bottom of my barrel of ideas.

Just start

I read this once in a copywriting book but as most of us know, starting is the hardest part. The best tip I have ever read and remember nearly every day is just start. It sounds simple but If you’re a writer sometimes you can stare at a blank page and nothing will ever come to you. However, if you just start typing literally anything and let your mind start to flow you will soon see that you will start to make sense. Even if you don’t write anything apart from ‘I don’t know what to write, I am never going to get this project finished. Lets think about what to have for dinner tonight….’, don’t worry, just don’t stop and the words will soon come. The same goes for anything creative. No one had to see what you have created at the very start so just think of it as a little booster to kick start you into action.

Get away

Sometimes you won’t have time to create crap just to get you started. You may have a tight deadline or a last minute project that you really need to get on with. When you hit that creative block, make a cup of tea, go for a walk outside, send a Snapchat to your best mate. Limit yourself to 5 minutes or so away from your creative space then get back into it. Chances are that mini break will distract your brain for enough time to get the ideas rolling again.

Get Inspired

Taking a look outside of your own remit is great for triggering inspiration. Have a flick through a variety of magazines, take note, clippings or photographs and create a mood board. Speaking of mood boards, Pinterest is by far my all time favourite platform for a quick fix of inspiration. Instagram is great too but there’s something about being about to save ideas and visuals onto their own little boards which is so handy. Sometimes I search for inspirational quotes to give me, well, inspiration! It’s lame but it works. The blogging community holds such a wealth of inspiration and amazing photography, get yourself on bloglovin and discover some beautiful blogs to get the creative juices flowing.

What do you do to stay inspired and get past the creative block?